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Our mission is to provide adaptive technology and related training to

North Dakotans who are blind or visually impaired.

This technology often includes text to speech software to make using a computer easier, talking GPS’s to help with independent mobility, and mobile document readers that work on cell phones.

Founded in 2000, Eye-Link Foundation was created to provide funding resources to many visually impaired who cannot afford these costly adaptive technologies.

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Here are some of the adaptive technologies:


K-NFB Reader
 – K-NFB Reader is a handheld electronic reading device that converts photographed text into spoken audio. Through the use of the K-NFB Reader, the visually impaired can instantly make printed materials, like a menu, audible.

BrailleNote – 
BrailleNote is a specialized computer with a braille keyboard, text-to-speech synthesizer, and braille output display. BrailleNote is commonly used in work and school environments.

A – closed circuit television (CCTV) or video magnifier is a device that projects a magnified image of printed text, handwriting, and photographs onto a large monitor. CCTV helps the visually impaired to read printed materials and see what they are writing. The DaVinci, a hybrid CCTV, combines the ability to boost font and character size with an optical scanner. The scanner reads the document to the user.

Job Access with Speech (JAWS) is software package to convert on-screen text elements into text-to-speech or braille display.

ZoomText Screen Magnification Software – 
ZoomText Screen Magnifier is a screen magnifier for Microsoft Windows that assists the visually impaired by increasing the size font and characters.

Desktop & Laptop Computers
 – A powerful and reliable computer is necessary to run software such as JAWS.

Trekker Breeze
 – A hand-held, mobile talking GPS, directed in walking terms, that allows independent mobility and seamless navigation.

Many grant recipients express their gratefulness:

To all Board Members,
I want to thank you so much for the Topaz HD machine. It helps us to be back on a machine that reads. Now I can do the check book, reading which I love, and do my winter project of tracing my family history. The winters are long in North Dakota. This helps us with many projects that we couldn’t read before. We really appreciate the Board approving us for this new machine, and also the telephone with the big numbers.
Again, we thank you so much. I cherish that there are angels around to help disabled people, and the help is greatly appreciated! Thanks again, to you special people.

karen and Myron

Both dealing with uncorrectable sight loss.

To Eye-Link, ND,
On behalf of my mother and me, we want to thank you for your generous donation of awarding her a new CCTv, to help vision difficulties. This machine is truly a wonderful aid to her.
Please know when she is no longer able to use the Topaz, it is our intent to notify your organization, so that it may be re-gifted to another person in North Dakota.
Again, thank you! We appreciate the Board’s generosity and love for helping those in need. Blessings.

Leah for Arlett

You can bolster our ability to help people like Arlett and Karen acquire vital equipment specially designed to navigate the hurdles of low vision and blindness. Please mail your fully tax deductible contribution to:

Eye-Link, North Dakota
P.O. Box 7535
Fargo, ND, 58106

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