A recently developed service for people with little or no sight called AIRA is being employed in major cities throughout the United States. This new service uses a combination of augmented visual reality, artificial intelligence, and professional agents who provide instant access to objective visual information. Horizon Smart Glasses, with a miniature camera and two-way FM broadcast features are tethered to a distant agent who monitors and explains to the explorer what the Smart Glasses camera is “seeing”.

Smart glass wearers are referred to as explorers and that they are. AIRA empowers people who are visually impaired or Blind to regain their daily living skills, like taking uncharted walks and hikes, reading, using optical scanning devices, cooking, identifying colors, managing money, getting Uber or Lift rides, and more actively participating in all family activities. Wearing a pair of AI Smart Glasses tethered to a horizon controller, explorers can navigate all aspects of daily living. Using the AIRA service immediately improves the quality of life, provides instant access to all forms of information, helps to quickly complete tasks, and creates awareness of any situations that surrounds you. It enables faster low vision/blindness rehabilitation, steadily improves confidence levels when approaching daily living and more complicated tasks.

For more information and pricing options please call Horizon at: 800-835-1935